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What You Need to Know

Much water has passed under all bridges since the original Deloitte-Ouch!! vanished and became hosted in the Miami office of Deloitte.
Deloitte-Ouch!! lasted about 18 months, 2004/5. It became massively hit on in umpteen countries.  Deloitte employees and all their peers took a big interest.
I am confident that this second coming will be at least as stimulating.

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We are here revealing one of the greatest scandals of the age!

As is widely known, my group of 11 steel and engineering companies went into administration in June 2003.  In July 2003 I bought back from the administrators the sole leasehold business within David Fabb (Holdings) Ltd, CKE Engineering Limited which, as CKE (Midlands) Ltd. (in Administration) I had bought from Deloitte in September 2002

The substantial plant and machinery assets within CKE, a “High-tech metal basher”, much of it on hire-purchase contracts, was novated to me.  I re-financed and supported CKE.  By late 2005 this company had expanded to 4 companies.  It was solvent and expanding.

Clearly Deloitte were hugely embarrassed at the wide readership of Deloitte-Ouch!!

Deloitte-Ouch!! chronicled the  conduct of corrupt Beancounters and their fee-dependant acolytes, particularly DLA Piper LLP, in the administration of the 11 company Group, David Fabb (Holdings) Limited. 

They embarked upon a strategy to destroy me financially.  They started digging a hole which has widened and deepened to this day.   

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It’s pay-back time!

On 23 December 2005, 2.1/2 years after their appointment, I received a writ in the form of an “Originating Claim” Ref: 1453.
The claim was that I had converted, (stolen) all the assets within CKE from the administrators, Andy (“Pompous”) Peters and William Dawson, the Joint Administrators of David Fabb (Holdings) Ltd.  I had not paid a penny of the £17,300 per month rental on the assets since the transfer in July 2003.  The court would be asked to make an order that CKE “gave up” all the assets: in the alternative, that I, personally, was liable for the return or restitution for all the said assets.  The total claim amounted to circa £1.7 million, depending on the final date of the “rental agreement”.   
A subordinate claim was that I owed circa £88K on my Director’s Loan Account.  A month later they joined my only child in a nasty allegation that she had received a preference by having been re-paid £50K of the plus £100K investment she had made in the family business
As was clearly intended, this event resulted, in March 2006, in CKE’s banker, Barclays, insisting in the appointment of Vantis Centrica LLP as CKE’s Administrator.
The extent of the scandal will be laid out over the coming weeks……

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