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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Reports persist as to the widespread concerns of those who know that the squeeky clean J.P Morgan and other pillars of virtue and propriety are talking to Deloot about, maybe, splitting their accountancy and advisory, consultancy roles......

EY and KPMG also...... so the chatter goes.......

This, in the wake of Teneo absorbing the "Re-structuring" division of Deloot last year......

Are they getting the wagons in a circle, 'afore the impending collapse of the hugely bloated fiat money inventing edifice? Fat chance the British population will be "put in the Rembrandt" by Johnson and Partners LLP, or any of the lightweights who replace them.

With the once world-leading GB now sliding over the cliff, there will be much work for the industrial/commercial body snatchers which are the Insolvency Practitioners, just as there will be more work for the undertakers resulting from the "excess deaths" of suicides

Surely, their solicitors would have done due diligence before Teneo shelled out millions for the doubtful pleasure of absorbing the fancily named "Re-structuring" arm of Deloitte? Surely, you can depend on it, the contracts contained clauses, warranties, that the shining new silicon valley around Reading would not be host to damaged goods? WATCH THIS SPACE....!!

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