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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

From the esteemed Private Eye, No. 1565, 21 January to 3 February 2022.

First page................. "Nothing succeeds like hosing public money around - as proved again by the appointment as NHS commercial director of Jacqui Rock, one of Britain's biggest Covid spenders.........

Then there are the four-figure daily rates paid to consultants from Deloitte, running to hundreds of millions, which head substantially into the partners' pockets. "Muddled, overstated, eye-wateringly expensive" was how the Commons public accounts committee described Test and Trace last year"


Page 10 of the same organ........ " An internal memo seen by the Eye from managers in accountancy/consultancy firm Deloitte shows what a cash cow the taxpayer is.

In the six months to last November, Deloitte's government and public servics team reported "15 percent growth on last year", taking its revenue to £31.9m for the period - though this excludes voluminous work for the Department of Health on Test and Trace and other Covid-related matters. (The department's spending figure show

it paid Deloitte more than £100m in the six months to November).

What Deloitte's bosses do reveal is just how well they are juicing the taxpayer. "A strong margin of 53%" they boast. Or, in other words, marking up their costs by more than 100% when charging the government.

Based on results reported across Deloitte's business, that means it is squeezing the taxpayer and other non-profit organisations for more than its private sector clients. The firm declined to comment on the figures."


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