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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

As is widely known, my group of 11 steel and engineering companies went into administration in June 2003. In July 2003 I bought back from the administrators the sole leasehold business within David Fabb (Holdings) Ltd, CKE Engineering Limited which, as CKE (Midlands) Ltd. (in Administration) I had bought from Deloitte in September 2002

The substantial plant and machinery assets within CKE, a “High-tech metal basher”, much of it on hire-purchase contracts, was novated to me. I re-financed and supported CKE. By late 2005 this company had expanded to 4 companies. It was solvent and expanding.

Clearly Deloitte were hugely embarrassed at the wide readership of Deloitte-Ouch!!

Deloitte-Ouch!! chronicled the conduct of corrupt Beancounters and their fee-dependant acolytes, particularly DLA Piper LLP, in the administration of the 11 company Group, David Fabb (Holdings) Limited.

They embarked upon a strategy to destroy me financially. They started digging a hole which has widened and deepened to this day.

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