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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The originating blog, 2 pages, for "Deloitte-Ouch !!.com" 25/10/2004 are re-produced here.

The objectives are the same today. We provide a lightening conductor for DLT employees with a "beef" to air their views or, in the interests of fair play, to channel to a wide audience, comment of those who say they work for one of the finest firms on earth.

Feel free to be in touch! Post comment: even say who you are if you are confident enough!, simply message on ""

Given the effective control that "Big Money" and bent solicitors have over the once great UK Civil Justice System we provide a forum by which to set out the egregious conduct of Deloitte and others, before The Court of Public Opinion. Since our initial blog in 2004 the huge expansion of social media facilitates the means by which huge reputational damage may be visited on the hitherto breathtakingly arrogant rapers of industry and commerce of whom Deloitte worldwide is acknowledged to be a leading player.

In the near future we will set before you what we insist is clear, good evidence that, together with complicit "Ivy League" law firm DLA Piper LLP, Deloitte have thought it in their interest to break just about every rule in the book. Everything you read here is true and verifiable.


How do you get away with the monetisation of multi-million £ property and tangible assets by a stroke of a pen without sanction or examination, pocketing millions £ for "Fees and Costs", and:

  1. Dispose of the said assets at a fraction of their going concern or, even, their distressed sale value, without sanction

  2. Succeed in theft and money laundering of large sums, the property of the Members, owners and creditors

  3. Con your self-regulator that you have done nothing wrong. NB The "self-regulator" will guide them as to how to do it....!

  4. Upon your conduct being questioned and you being inconvenienced by challenge and exposure by media (that's rare!), blame it on junior staff and retire early any senior crooks.


With colleagues well versed in such tactics, plan a trumped-up allegation that your accuser has converted substantial assets claimed to be under your control, in the expectation that your allegation, set within a purported Application to a senior court will never, in fact, come before a court, your target having been rendered penniless or dead............


Instruct the right solicitor to initiate and manage, long-term, the false claim, instruct the right Barrister to make, at best wrong, at worst perjured pleadings as to veracity of your claim

When the viable, solvent target is forced into administration and its assets sold at auction or to your mates at way below value, owing to you maintaining your false claim to its assets, you simply re-plead/eliminate your claim. Your lawyer will know the right Judge who can be relied upon to facilitate, without notice, your quiet abandonment, as in this case, of a 19 page "Schedule 1", 402 items, virtually all (97.5%) of the originating claim made 18 months earlier.

In the knowledge that, by your actions, you are, increasingly at risk of huge monetary and reputational damage, you pressurise your opponent to settle by mediation, (no doubt with your "normal" NDA attached), and, further, threaten your opponent with an application for the court to impose a Civil Restraint Order should you resist mediation.




1. First move is to use the connections of your tame lawyer to have the "right" judge hear the case, wasting huge amounts by abuse of the court system and, especially if, as in this case, the proceedings are VOID, AB INITIO because NO COURT FEES HAD BEEN PAID!!

2. Perjured evidence, in several forms, including signed Witness Statements drafted by the solicitor, signed by the Insolvency Partners, supposedly carrying penalties for untrue content, BUT GENERALLY IGNORED..

3. The senior manager of the 11 company administration, Greig Mitchell, (now a Managing Director of Kryys Global in the cess-pit of Tortola, BVI), joined at the hip with senior Partner Andrew Peters, had been fired in December 2003 for serial theft. He and Peters were Defendants in 2 current court actions for theft in several earlier "jobs". Mitchell was encouraged to "go missing" so as not to be available to be cross-examined as to the fact that the massive claims of Deloitte Partners and DLA Piper was totally false.

4 Most helpful, too, is the submission of Counsel (barrister) which, via instruction from the solicitor, will , in all material respects, support the perjury of the "Big Four" accountancy firm and the "Blue Chip" solicitor. Bear in mind "they" can afford the best brief 'cos they've got all your dough!!

3. Introduce as much stuff as possible to denigrate the Defendants, imply "hands in the trough", failure to comply in every sense with Company Law, etc.

4. Instruct, as in this case, a compliant "Expert Witness" accountant and instruct him unilaterally, under the judge's nose, when he had been appointed as a joint expert. In this case the "expert", John Grogan was useless. He had been with a prominent firm 17 years, a Partner for several years, and, within a months of the HHJ Richards draft judgment, left, (or was pushed...?), to run a one-man-band practice specialising in divorce..

... and much more....

You get the drift?......

As June arrives we read that Deloot is one, number 13, of the best firms to work for. Strange, that, considering that, back in the days of the original "Deloitte-Ouch!!" blog, it had umpteen hits from employees, particularly those in Uncle Sam country, as to what a bum firm it was. Maybe they have now, like all the sad souls who spend whole carrers in non-jobs which contribute absolutely nowt to the scheme of things, but they stay because the money is good and the risk is low, got so fat on the money they get by dodgy means that they can pay plenty. Just wondering.......

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