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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

You may have heard the protestation: "At least, when Dick Turpin robbed you, he had a gun and you stood a good chance of keeping your life"

All that is needed, these days, for anyone who thinks they "own" assets, to be robbed is, not a gun, but a sheet of paper which is represented as a lawful document, issued by a court, carrying the seal of the court, made upon the presentation of evidence, proof, of both the legal grounds for a valid claim and good evidence of the authority of the person or body, which purports to have legal standing

Successive recent Governments, none of which have been worthy of the title, have "out-sourced" most everything which ought to be run by the state. The legal system and much else has been hollowed out: hundreds of crown and county courts closed, It is not widely known that anyone can now hire a room within a court building and run what may be represented as a court hearing when it is nothing of the sort.

A "parallel" or "kangaroo" court, the legal "Venus Flytrap" is there for legal and financial crooks to abuse any relevant statute and, by use of forged sheets of paper represented as "legal", to deprive any citizen of their assets, their home, their family, their health, in fact their reason to live.

For graphic evidence Readers are recommended to watch the first-class video " The Great British Mortgage Swindle"

In the interest of enlightening our followers we propose placing before you a series of sheets of paper which, in the present case, have been put under the nose of the willfully blind.

You will be invited to play a silly game of "True or False"- remember?

Please look at each document and, by messaging on "" state "true" or "false"

DOCUMENT ONE: Anything fishy about 2 " Bankruptcy Orders"?, the first provided by DLA Piper LLP bearing a single purported court seal, then a similar but different copy taken from the thick file of the "Trustee"'s solicitor Cobbetts LLP, before they went

broke. This one has TWO "seals" of the court.

Answers to "latest @"

Bankruptcies are, routinely, in English "courts" made in back rooms of "courts", hired by the hour by bent Barristers, with, as in this case, by "paid a fat fee for officiating" retired Judges or solicitors, in this case Amit Gupta and "Deputy District Judge Hubball", who court staff have never heard of. All legal, of course...! THE ORDER IS A FORGERY!

DOCUMENT TWO: "Bankruptcy Petition, authored by DLA Piper, NO Affidavit, not even a Witness Statement in support, not signed, no court seal, not on the court file, as confirmed by the court. IT IS A FORGERY!

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