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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The recently completed disposal by Deloot of its "Re-structuring" division to fast- expanding Teneo, is the latest attempt by Deloot to gain respectability. Or is it? History shows they care not for respectability. After all, successive governments have been too frit to clip the wings of their ilk, lest the Big Four become the Big One after what happened to Enron: and our Dickensian Civil Service must have someone else to employ to make decisions for them

Who is next?? Maybe the saintly KPMG, still enmeshed in big enquiries into its cock-ups at Quindell and Carillion.

Both firms, like all the insolvent Banks, routinely put 2 fingers up after being hit with piddling fines, set againt their obscene proffits.

The Deloot/Teneo transfer, achieved following, presumably, the failure of an attempted buy-out, will have been transacted with the usual undertakings that there are no further skeletons in the cupboard. Good luck with that one!

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