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T'was ever thus!!

Updated: Feb 9

Anybody born in this Century could be forgiven for assuming that white-collar crime, bent accountants and such, is a 21st Century disease. "Away wi'ye" as the Jocks will say...

The likes of Deloitte have been as bent as a £9 pound note for years before. We exhibit from our archive some proof of their conduct as Joint Liquidators of the infamous BCCI Bank which, for several years ran amok in the Middle East and Europe. Only belatedly did the Bank of England, which ought to have been regulating it, finally step in and precipitated its collapse, with many a head rolling.

Here, with heavy redactions to protect the guilty, is the testimony of one of a 3 person team which was charged with maximising the spoils of their lengthy tenure as co-liquidator by which Deloitte defrauded the creditors of BCCI ( meat and drink to them, robbing un-secured creditors) by the time- honoured scams of charging phantom hours at London rates, phantom travel and hotel bills, etc etc. amounting, he says, to "in excess of $100 million"

Note who the other 2 in the scam were- the saintly John Connolly, one-time Deloitte head, lately head honcho of G4S, AND.... Fred the Shred, at the time a mere accountant at Deloitte!!

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