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T'was ever thus!!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Anybody born in this Century could be forgiven for assuming that white-collar crime, bent accountants and such, is a 21st Century disease. "Away wi'ye" as the Jocks will say...

The likes of Deloitte have been as bent as a £9 pound note for years before. We exhibit from our archive some proof of their conduct as Joint Liquidators of the infamous BCCI Bank which, for several years ran amok in the Middle East and Europe. Only belatedly did the Bank of England, which ought to have been regulating it, finally step in and precipitated its collapse, with many a head rolling.

Deloot wre Joint Liquidators. The court case wrapping up the mess involved the longest Consel's speech in history. The numbers were mind-blowing....

Here is the testimony of one of a 3 person team which was charged with maximising the spoils of their lengthy tenure as co-liquidator by which Deloitte defrauded the creditors of BCCI ( meat and drink to them, robbing un-secured creditors) by the time- honoured scams of charging phantom hours at London rates, phantom travel and hotel bills, etc etc. amounting, he says, to "in excess of $100 million"

Note who the other 2 in the scam were- the saintly John Connolly, one-time Deloitte head, lately head honcho of G4S, AND.... Fred the Shred, at the time a mere accountant at Deloitte!! ...........

Until we dig out of the archive the documents to continue the above tit-bit about BCCI Bank, we take you, dear reader, to another major flaw in the conditions precedent for anyone daft enough to stick his/her neck out and go it alone in business in, particularly, England...

July 2022. Elsewhere in the blog we publish the bang up to date evidence of the greed and most say, criminality , as published in our only satirical magazine, how Deloot fleece the taxpayer by wholesale sleight of hand in NHS Covid management contracts. As we say, this morally corrupt policy is their watchword, "Twas forever thus".

You want more evidence? Here it is.....

Below, dear reader, find extracts from a gilt-edged source, an ex "Consultant", turned author of very readable books. Neil Glass, who writes as David Craig is the brain behing the country's best blog about politics, climate change et al. You are invited to read, just the once, "Snouts in the trough". We guarantee you will join the deciples!

On 10 September 2007 Neil Glass wrote:

"To whom it many concern

I confirm that in May 2005 I was contacted by e-mail and phone by David Bailey, a former forensic accountant who spent thirteen years at accountants Deloitte. He contacted me after reading my book Rip-Off!, The scandalous inside story of the consulting money machine. The subject of his contacts was to tell me that he was a key person in helping cover up how Deloitte had defrauded creditors during their insolvency work for The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) through three main methods:

-Fraudulent travel expenses

-Overcharging staff time

-False accounting to conceal Partners' salaries and bonusues from the tax authorities

According to David Bailey, the organisers of the fraud were Fred Goodwin, now chairman of a major UK bank and John Connolly, at the time head of Deloitte's UK operation

David Bailey confirmed that a key part of his cover up was preventing the Luxembourg authorities finding out any information about Deloitte's profit margin on the insolvency work.

I would be ready to produce a sign affidavit confirming the precise details of my conversations with David Bailey as well as povide copies of his e-mails"

This upright citizen took it to the Fraud squad, the Feds and all. They all showed no interest. The likes of Crosby, Bailey and all have, until now, carried on regardless

BUT... you will soon have heard of the GBMS................

In another document is the disclosure that the three beancounters trousered plus $100 million for Deloot!!

Interesting, eh? More on this one anon.......


We have a bee in our bonnet about this one, too!

Any owner of an SME, for years now, when arranging funding from our wonderful collection of Usurers, will be forced to provide an all-embracing Debenture on all his/her assets, but also a PERSONAL GUARANTEE, normally with the family home as security,

There are moves afoot to rectify the iniquity of 99% of granters of credit to demand a PG from the owner/ main shareholder, of any business in the UK, be it a one-man firm with a shop or a lady making cup cakes at home.

The Banks routinely demand that someone gives a Personal Guarantee, making a mockery of "limited liability". If problems loom, they automatically go for "the low-hanging fruit", make call on the PG, before exploring any other form of security they have, such as the usual Debenture.

A call on the PG , generally secured on the provider's home, leads in double time, to the dispossession of the home and all other assets of the PG provider. The entire assets are, then, sold by the combination of Insolvency Practitioner accountants, solicitors and, if the business is substantial, valuers. In many cases lives are ruined, suicide ensues.

Can we rely on any reform from any "Government", of any of these scandals, be it the routine forgery of signatures by Banks, elsewhere in this blog is evidence of document forgery by Close Bank, no less, and the routine forging of documents purporting to be sealed orders of the court by solicitors and bent "Bailiffs" (most of which are simply debt collectors)?

Dont hold your breath!!

Make any approach to our once admired Police, and they will automatically say: "It is a civil matter. Refer it to Action Fraud"

For years, The MOJ, Police, successive governments and all have duped the population into thinking Action Fraud, H.Q'd in "The City", is there to investigate, deal with, gain retribution for those who, pathetically believe the crap. Moments on social media would elicit that Action Fraud is a huge con, two men , a dog and a web-site, mostly run by semi-literate un-employables in Glasgow or somewhere. If you take the advice, they will give you a crime number so you are assured someone is taking any interest.

We offer fine wine to anyone who can provide this site with any evidence that AF has ever achieved a result for anyone!!

NO, Action Fraud is as useless as a chocolate teapot. The Lord Mayor of London City, a Partner in behemoth "lawyer" DLA Piper LLP, yes, the guy who greeted all the bigwigs at St. Pauls last week, must be very proud of it!

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