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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The verbal agreement with the dodgy Partner, "Andy" Peters, and his dodgy Manager, "M", who had day to day authority to dispose of all the property and machinery assets of the 10 factory group, in July 2003 was that I would assume all current H.P. liabilities of the CKE division of DF(H), in administration, and refinance it, separate from the rest of the group companies, which were all in freehold properties. I was under no obligation to settle the inter-company debt, built up while CKE relied on the group for outgoings,- labour, rates, rent, insurance, spares, etc.

In November "M" demanded settlement of the said inter-company figure, plus £700K. Initial negotiations with "M" ceased and Peters assumed his role. By the December 2003 exchanges between Peters and I, the Fabb Holdings Administrators, 2 senior Partners in Deloitte-Touche LLP, had contracted a " Full and Final" settlement of £320,000 with CKE and myself.

I say "bent" to besmirch Peters and "M" owing to the fact of them both being Defendants in 2 Birmingham High Court cases, No... and No.. before HHJ Hodge Q.C., about which more in a future post.

Early in 2004 I was contacted by a Birmingham based Insolvency Practitioner who said "Deloitte have a big problem with "M". He has been fired for serial theft from various recent jobs". That explained why Peters had assumed the role of negotiator of the inter-

company obligation, "M" having been suspended late November 2003.

The Joint Administrators of David Fabb (Holdings) Limited, "Andy" Peters and William Dawson, both FCAs and senior partners in Deloitte-Touche LLP, stress in every one of their many "Reports to Creditors", over several years, stated prominently: "These actions are being taken with the benefit of both Counsel's and legal advice". Was this:

a. A ploy to con readers that they were on firm ground,or:

b. Their normal practice, or:

c. The truth. If so we need to know the names of the barristers, law firms and individual solicitors on whose testimony they rely...

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