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BUY A BANGER!! Close Bros will make a debit ntry to "loan" you the money at USURER'S interest. Be

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Directly as a result of successive UK Governments failing to ensure SME's had access to appropriate and competitive funding choices, a whole secondary and tertiary lending industry grew up in modern times. One such, Close Bank Plc, with multiple specialist subsidiaries, has prospered. Thousands of people enjoy well paid, secure careers living off "the turn", put simply, the difference, often very big difference, between the rate at which they access "money" from the Bank of England, via the likes of Barclays, for very little %, say, 1.5%, and lend it out at usurers rates of up to 1000% plus. No way are they in the risk business...

High numbers of UK citizens are obliged to go to the second-hand market for cars. Many elect to use the HP terms offered by dealers. A big player in this market is Close Bros Car Finance. The small print in their finance documents reveal that interest rates well over 20% apply. In the event a businessman wishes to resort to Invoice discounting, as many have no alternative but to do, they may have the misfortune to deal with Close Invoice Finance Ltd., another of the group. Be warned! They give themselves the legal option to sink you, home and all.

Watch this space! All will be revealed......

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