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Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Private Eye, the best "say it all" bi-weekly, in its N0.1560, 12 November-25 Nov- 2021 edition, carries a 5-page exposee by the estimable Richard Brooks of the crooks, spivs and superficially respectable businesses which have acted corruptly, dishonestly and criminally in the whole mess which is the procurement and management of the nation's Covid 19 protection and "testing" contracts. SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Guess who tops the poll for the most egregious, cack-handed, bent, snouts in the trough. Yes, you guessed it... Deloot-Touch!

Read the story here..... ,

TRACER IRE.......p.29..

" In return for no-to-mixed success over the following months, many of the Eyes's favourite firms coined it. Project manager on the job, setting up testing centres and digital platforms, was the accountancy-consultancy giant DELOITTE. It was already embedded in the health department, organising the "surge" in testing, before NHS Test and Trace was officially launchd at the end of May last year. By March this year it had been awarded contracts worth £298m and had already ben paid £174m for its troubles. As Test and Trace commercial director Jaqui Rock, brought in from the less than commercially astute MoD, and before that in investment banking, told a recent procurement coy £57m for providing staff to the Department of Health in 2020/21 helped generate a 55% increase in the firms's income from "government and public services". Up it shot from £328m to £665m (having already rocketed in 2020/21 on the back of earlier pandemic work), making its income from taxpayers larger than that of some government departments.

More than 1000 of Deloitte's people were working on Test and Trace at one point, the largest division in the army of consultants costing the taxpayers an average £1000 a day each (with the highest daily rate a banker level £6,624).

Not that the individual consultants would have been pocketing the quarter of a million pounds a year they were billed at (perhaps three or four times what a civil servant would cost). Most would have been on five -figure salaries (Deloittes's average staff pay, including pension and national insurance wa £77,000, and the Test 'n' Tracers were'nt especially senior). With further costs to the firm working out at about £20,000 per year per employee, charging out a typical staffer was generating five - or even six-figure amounts for the Deloitte partners' bottom lines.

One ex-Big Four chartered accountant told the Eye that even at what Deloitte insisted were discounted rates, it was charging a "massive mark-up" on its costs. As a result, income of its 700 partners rose 17 per cent to an average £854,000. THIS WAS COVID FAT CATTERY AT ITS CREAMIEST.........

Deloitte's main partner on Test and Trace, overseeing the testing site and ineffectual tracing service (largeley sub-contracted to workers armed with hopeless telephone scripts) achieved similar rewards for something less than success. But then SERCO was no stranger to public service foul-ups, including with Deloitte, its auditor, as a partner in crime. A year earlier, Deloitte had been fined £4m for "wholesale failure" in not spotting Serco cheating on tagging contracts a few years before with the Ministry of Justice."

AND THERE'S MORE!!! Watch this space.....inference: "We had a massive percentage of consultants which were just terrific {sic}; they built Test and Trace."

When Deloitte came to report its results for the year end May 2021, Test and Trace, plus multiple other contracts on Covid procurement, financial support schemes and a hand in many other pies, yes, you've guessed it!, they were the true Aly Baba thieves of the modern age!

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