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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

........One of many old sayings which might be applicable here! This website is run in conjunction with the fast-widening movement, "THE GREAT INSOLVENCY SCAM.

The methodology evidenced here is at the top end of the well oiled process by which white collar crims, the pin-striped mafia, the hordes of USURERS and spivs who live stress-free lives , one way or another, off the "Turn", being the difference between what the Bank of England and, worldwide, other central banks, gifts computer generated fiat "money" to Banks (Usurers) and the already wealthy, and the up to plus 1000% premium "they" translate credit, as opposed to "money" into highly securitised instruments capable of being exchanged, at a stroke, into tangible appreciating land, buildings, assets.

It is the nearest thing to the mythical "Water into Wine" or "Lodestone into Gold"

This enormous edifice provides the feedstock for the scavengers which, as in nature, are there to feed off the carcasses of the unwary or weak. They manipulate, are protected by, the complicated system, codified in regulations and laws thought necessary over the years for the proper administration of "Justice" but which, progressively, has become abused, exploited, to maintain and enrich the ever-growing army of "turnfeeders"

Typical of the UK based "turnfeeders", and one of the largest, is the group known as CLOSE BROS BANK. They are into all aspects of secondary and tertiary extension of credit, securitised by assets. . In due course our sister site "notclosebros" will seek to inform all to be most wary of the pitfalls, the worst case scenarios of doing business with them. This website is there for all and any victims of the outrageous tactics Close and their complicit solicitors employ to rob clients, such as haulier Dave Taylor, by use of forged, fraudulent documents, about which more soon.... Meanwhile, spread the word! Post any info as to damage done by bentclose to ""

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